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Haws Stainless Steel Border Spade

Haws Stainless Steel Border Spade


Brand: Haws by Greenman Tools
Length: 40in
Width: 5.5in

$ 82.00

We are currently out of stock.

We have no date yet when new stock is due.

Combining the finest Greenman tools designed with the exceptional heritage and quality of Haws since 1886, this range of garden tools represent a unique collaboration of both history and excellence. Our spades are multi-riveted for extra strength and feature a long ash filled YD handle, which is as kind on the back as it is on the hands. An essential tool for general digging jobs around the garden from lifting and planting to helping break up and improve soil structure which in turn promotes healthy root growth. The mirror-polished stainless steel head cuts through the soil with minimal soil adhesion. It has an extra-long traditional lipped socket for added strength. A very versatile spade at home, in the border, and the vegetable plot in-between plants where its narrower blade means less root disturbance. Also great for those who prefer a lighter spade.