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Haws Traditional Stainless Steel Dibber

Haws Traditional Stainless Steel Dibber


Brand: Haws by Greenman Tools
Length: 11in

$ 20.00

We are currently out of stock.

We have no date yet when new stock is due.

Combining the finest Greenman tools designed with the exceptional
heritage and quality of Haws since 1886, this range of garden tools
represent a unique collaboration of both history and excellence.
Designed for comfort and durability, our range of hand tools have
chunky ash handles, sturdy stainless steel ferrules and long tangs.
Traditionally this tool would have been formed an old handle of a
digging spade or fork. We have taken that principal and created a
barrel-grip t-handle with a stainless steel tip. This tool is perfect
for making holes for planting out roots and seeds.