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Multi Sharp 4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener

Multi Sharp 4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener


Brand: Multi Sharp

$ 12.50

We are currently out of stock.

We have no date yet when new stock is due.

The Multi-Sharp 4 in 1 Tool Sharpener will help you keep your tool
edges sharp for years. Sharp tools and knives are so much easier to
use, and particularly with pruning knives and loppers a clean cut is
better for the plants and shrubs. Featuring a diamond-honed tungsten
carbide sharpening block to quickly bring back a razor-sharp edge on
the tool in minutes. Use the 4 in 1 tool sharpener for your scythes,
grass hooks, brush hooks, weed knives, pruning knives, straight-edge
loppers, kitchen knives and pocket knives.