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Hug Rug Check 10 Floor Mat

Hug Rug Check 10 Floor Mat


Brand: Hug Rug
Length: 33.5in
Width: 25.5in

$ 65.00

We are currently out of stock.

We have no date yet when new stock is due.

Hug Rug Mats and Runners stop dirty footprints in their tracks! They
trap up to 95% of dust, wet mud and dirt from the bottom of shoes,
boots and paws. The face fabric is made of 90% cotton recycled from
the clothing industry combined with 10% polyester microfibers that
attract dust and dirt molecules. The base fabric is made from recycled
drink bottles and bottle tops and the rubber backing is produced from
discarded tires. Even the vegetable-based printing inks are made from
recycled materials. These mats and runners can be machine washed in
cold water and become softer and more absorbent after each wash. Each
Hug Rug Mat and Runner is thoughtfully made in Yorkshire, England.